Feb 092011

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Outside our hotel in downtown Chicago, State Street was deserted after the blizzard struck. Brightly lit store windows beckoned to non-existent shoppers, and streetlights illuminated empty roads. Traffic lights signaled to no one in the night.

This was near the elevators down the hall from our room, #502.

Nikon D300; f4.8 @ 1/10sec, ISO 3200 (handheld);
18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 46mm (69mm EFL); focus distance 2.24m

  4 Responses to ““Room 502 please…””

  1. mmm, not so sure about this one April.

  2. That’s cool, Stephen. But please elaborate?

  3. hahaha, ok I’ll try.

    To me this image feels flat, maybe it’s I’m so used to your photo’s having something strong in them, an element that you have drawn out of the shot, how you have expressed your feelings about the subject.
    To me this doesn’t have that strong April feeling.

    Clearer? Clear as mud! lol

  4. For me, there is a feeling of presence — it’s more than just a picture of an antique phone. I may be projecting too much of my own experience in the hotel onto the shot, however, and perhaps that doesn’t come through to the viewer.

    I appreciate your comments, Stephen!

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