Nov 292009

Color swatch light violet Color swatch medium violet Color swatch red [¹]

{click image to view large}

Finally, something different! Clouds but no wind made for a beautiful morning on the lakefront, even though temperature was in the 30’s (F).

Today’s image is a composite of two frames: one to freeze motion in the clouds, and another of 3 seconds on the water to capture its calm and bring out the reflections.

Lesson of the day: Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and lighten to do a final check for spots — which I just found on my brighter laptop monitor. 😛

¹Colors of the day:

  • Light violet R:170 G:169 B:209
  • Medium violet R: 105 G:99 B:148
  • Red R:153 G:110 B:138

  4 Responses to “Sunrise №28”

  1. How very beautiful! I could stare at this for hours and get lost in it – it could bring back so many memories!

    Thanks for the tip about checking for spots, too. My monitor screen gets spots and I don’t know where they come from – they aren’t dust that just blows easily away. They stick.

    So here’s a tip – I’m going to make a screen-sized plain white image file which I’ll keep handy so I can use it to check my screen for dirt spots!

  2. That’s a good idea for cleaning the monitor, Flo. Little smears and spots on the screen drive me crazy!

    But I was actually talking about spots in the image, which I didn’t “spot” until viewing on a brighter display. 😛

  3. I find very interesting this “quadritone” (adding black) scenery. Colors, light, reflections of the sky in water, blurred vanishing point (left side).

    Very poetical image.

  4. blurred vanishing point (left side)

    The fog in that direction was as fascinating as the clouds and sunrise camera right! I’m glad that comes across for you, too.

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