Mar 092018

The other day I brought home a bouquet of miniature roses. One fell off, so I put it in a dish. This morning it struck me as especially lovely in the early light.


  2 Responses to “One Rose”

  1. Hi April,
    OK, I’m a mediocre friend, leaving so few comments behind after visits here. But I remain a monster fan over how your mind finds so much feeling in tiny abstract forms. studying your work over almost, what 20 years since Radiant Vista, I’ve searched selfishly for your inspiration, a commonality that might let me see as you do. But each new work’s just so quietly unique, you avoid repetition that will reveal the secret. Darn. Here you’ve again done what you do with simplicity or minimalism, or whatever. Everything’s so clean, clear, as if the whole world’s simply like this and you merely take a moment to grab a part of it.

    But the rest of us don’t see this stuff. Maybe we’re so overwhelmed by the forest’s enormity that we totally miss the trees? Or… well I believe that a great idea becomes intuitively obvious just as soon as a reeeeely smart person explains it to us.

    That’s what you do. Thanks for showing me this feeling, so now I can appreciate it. Why it almost looks reeeely easy, now that you’ve ‘splained it.

    Hope all’s well. Happy Spring.


    • It is such a pleasure to see a note from you, Ted, and I appreciate your comments.

      Twenty years since Radiant Vista?! That hardly seems possible, but I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch over time.

      Exploring this approach to photography is quite an interesting journey. In many ways it’s very simple and straightforward, often joyful, but it is not always easy!

      Wishing you well,

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