Workshop Feedback


The Miksang processes taught by April during her workshop “Opening the Good Eye” made available to us a visual wealth found in the most ordinary of places. Here are techniques I can carry with me forever, and wherever I happen to land. Thank you. You really opened a big door in our minds. (Bonnie from Tennessee)

I appreciated the thoughtful and measured pace with which you ran the workshop. That encouraged me to relax into a new way of thinking about photography. Even though I had the book, doing the exercises in a guided way helped me appreciate that it takes time to take time.

The most helpful technique is Human Camera. Thank you so much for that. (Jane from Michigan)

I’ve always envied photos of brilliant fields of color and simple forms. It seemed that I was never lucky enough visit places gifted with these bold walls, doors, windows and so forth. Not long after the workshop, I began experiencing them at home. They were here all along; I just wasn’t looking and seeing before working with April. (Bruce from North Carolina)

Opening the Good Eye was a great experience. I came to discover that the challenges I experienced are simply ones I put there. Now, I’m more able to notice and let go. As I do that, a whole new world opens up. It’s clear from my photographs, too.

To expand, my awareness has begun shifting. I notice an already, already-there way of being where my in-the-moment presence is affected by tension in my chest, hardening of my gaze, a way of looking outward to find and capture my … prey. What’s possible now is to catch this and redirect, starting with my breath and moving to my eyes, heart and hands. There’s certainly less stress and now, more quiet joy! I’m becoming more open to what’s in front of me. I’m more patient, my gaze is softer, I’m more available to be affected. (Jeremy from Colorado)

Taking this first course has given me a taste of something that I want to incorporate into my daily life. Beyond taking photos, the Miksang philosophy has pointed me in a direction of seeing without labels or naming what I see and in so doing has given me a freshness and purity in experiencing my everyday world. To express that with my camera is a joyful bonus that I can’t seem to get enough of. (Judy from New York)

As an introduction to Miksang Photography, “Opening the Good Eye” was a terrific experience for me. My investment of time to travel to take this workshop and the expense of getting there was absolutely worth every penny!

The scheduled timeframes of discussion, shooting assignments, editing, presentation and review was well-balanced also. I liked the fact that our instructor, April Siegfried, kept us on task and on assignment as scheduled even through some of our shooting was in pouring rain! April also did a great job of controlling group discussion and steering us back onto topic when some of our questions were sliding off-topic.

I am looking forward to taking future levels of Miksang. After communicating with others who have taken Miksang courses previously, I’m discovering that there seems to be a consistency of approach in how each level is taught across different instructors, which I think is helpful. They also don’t dump you on the doorstep when you’ve completed a level of instruction. There are continuing opportunities to learn and practice, and speaking for myself, until the next level becomes available. (Kevin from Massachusetts)

The “Opening the Good Eye” workshop with April in Chicago was a very enjoyable experience for me. What is exciting about Contemplative Photography is learning that there are many possibilities that already exist for capturing a moment with a camera that are fresh and unique. This workshop starts with the important preliminaries and exercises to learn how to see. (Gary from Michigan)

The class in Hendersonville was terrific, exceeded my hopes and expectations. Thank you again, April—a new door has opened… (Jacqi from North Carolina)

My photography in the past has focused mostly on family and trips. April’s workshop helped me to pay attention to the beauty of everyday things with their color, pattern and texture. This has helped me to see things on a micro scale rather than always the macro world around me. The diverse backgrounds and personalities of the students melded together with April’s insight and experiences. The group analysis of our photos was insightful, supportive and encouraging. I am looking forward to our next trip to see how my perceptions have changed. (Lowell from North Carolina)

I very much enjoyed my first Miksang Photography class under the inspirational direction of April Siegfried. The Miksang “method” provides an entirely new way to observe the world, and I find I am looking at everyday things in a fresh, new way. The workshop I attended was held a couple of weeks ago. Since then I attended a wedding. I was so engrossed in my contemplative approach to the pictures I was taking that I almost forgot to photograph the bride! Thank you April for changing my world! (Carol from North Carolina)

I was profoundly moved by the experience of “The Good Eye”, emotionally, spiritually. Our experience found its way to a deep place in me that wanted to be touched, that never had been touched and sprang to life as if it had been waiting a lifetime to come out and play.

Thank you for holding such a powerful container of learning and discovery over those four days; it was truly life-changing. (Christine from North Carolina)

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