After nearly 20 years of taking pictures and making photographs, in the summer of 2010 I found a new beginning with the study and practice of Miksang contemplative photography. Having completed the course of study developed by the Miksang Institute along with Teacher Training in 2014 and 2017, I am currently certified to teach “Making Contact” on behalf of the Institute.

I would like to thank the people who have had, and are having, a profound influence on this voyage of discovery through photography:

With heartfelt gratitude.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I love the color and the life. My favorite flower picture on my blog is called ‘Color’ because of the bright red. Thanks for your beatiful blog!
    ISO Sick of Boring

    • Thank *you* for your visit and feedback, Ashley. I see you’ve joined TME, and look forward to viewing more of your work there!

  2. It is lovely to see your work April. I particularly like the feeling I get from the tree with the crab apples on the ground.

    • Thank you, Holly, for taking the time to visit and comment! The image you mention was seen in Loyola Park, and is one of my favorites, too.