Nov 302009

Color swatch dark blue Color swatch medium blue R189G136B119 [¹]

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It was cold this morning. After not very long I couldn’t feel the shutter release, and had to open a package of Little Hotties. But, I’m glad I showed up because these clouds were a gift!

Today’s image is a combination of three bracketed exposures, blended by hand using Craig Tanner’s method. Though I first tried running the image through Photomatix, it had some trouble with the moving elements and the fact this was shot handheld. As “Andreas wrote yesterday”, it’s about having choices.

As I finished processing, there was a nearly full moon rising in a clear evening sky outside my office window. That seems an auspicious ending for the November challenge!

Thank you for your company on this adventure. It’s definitely not over. 🙂

¹Colors of the day:

  • Dark blue R:18 G:45 B:78
  • Medium blue R:97 G:113 B:139
  • Orange R:189 G:136 B:119
Nov 292009

Color swatch light violet Color swatch medium violet Color swatch red [¹]

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Finally, something different! Clouds but no wind made for a beautiful morning on the lakefront, even though temperature was in the 30’s (F).

Today’s image is a composite of two frames: one to freeze motion in the clouds, and another of 3 seconds on the water to capture its calm and bring out the reflections.

Lesson of the day: Add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and lighten to do a final check for spots — which I just found on my brighter laptop monitor. 😛

¹Colors of the day:

  • Light violet R:170 G:169 B:209
  • Medium violet R: 105 G:99 B:148
  • Red R:153 G:110 B:138