Nov 052009

Low Lying Fruit (c)2009 by April Siegfried

Color swatch yellow Color swatch red [¹]

Scouting a new location while our cat was at “the spa” (more on that tomorrow), there wasn’t much time to photograph. Hence the title of this image.

¹Colors of the day:

  • Yellow R:178 G:134 B:46
  • Red R:190 G:39 B:52

  3 Responses to “Low-Hanging Fruit”

  1. April, I love these crabapples – they look good enough to eat. But I’m assuming they’re the small ones that the flowering crabs produce and that birds don’t like.

    Your image is much better than the one I posted at TME yesterday.

  2. Flo, it is a treat to see you here! Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment.

    I suspect you’re right about this variety of crabapples; there were a lot on the ground. However, trying to photograph smaller sprays on another tree, a squirrel feeding on the fruit kept moving the branches and messing up my shots. What were those, I wonder?

    The push to learn more about what’s around us is one thing I enjoy about photography.

  3. My online friends always tell me to avoid the low-hanging fruit. I cannot resist it, though I suspect they are talking about political comments and, well, fruit.

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