Dec 152010

A pattern of shadows.

{click image to view large}

Cleaning house, this is one from the archives I couldn’t quite bring myself to delete.

Though I often walk past this location, on that October morning the sunlight made a shadow pattern I’d never noticed before—and haven’t seen since.

New possibilities are always unfolding, even in familiar surroundings.

Lumix DMC-FZ40; f8 @ 1/125sec, ISO 80 (handheld);
Focal length: 22.3mm (135mm EFL)

  8 Responses to “Window Blind №2”

  1. “New possibilities are always unfolding, even in familiar surroundings”

    You are so right, April. It is a chance for you and us that you did not delete it. The shadows evoke oriental calligraphy. Combined with the vertical panoramic size, it reminds me of the Japanese paintings.

    I like when you work about “nothing or almost nothing”, simple daily things that you transform into a beautiful graphic picture with simple means. Here, I enjoy the placement of the shadows and cord (strong points) which balance the whole picture space, not to mention your choice of the vertical panoramic size (or format?).

    I like your “zen” style, your unadorned photographs. Very contemplative and restful.

  2. April,

    Real winter: now, in Chicago it is 19.4F; in Montreal it is

  3. Brr Brr Brr

  4. HI April, I too am glad you did not delete this image. I like the simplicity of it a lot. This is an image that says…Hey…look…we see such things everyday….but when you capture a piece of it and display it…it becomes art and we slow down and ponder the beauty of it…It is like plucking a fruit from a tree and displaying it in a fruit bowl. I see the individuality of the fruit a bit more that when it was hanging on the tree with numerous other fruits (distractions).

    One small questions…for some reason, I feel that the horizontal lines are not quiiiite so horizontal. Can you check? Very small point. Something about that is distracting to me.

  5. Wow! What an amazing find – and I’m so glad you didn’t delete it! Micheline and Usha have said what I would have thought to say had I been here first, lol. I too also thought of oriental calligraphy!

    Usha, those horizontals are straight – I measured them by scrolling up and down on my screen. But to me they do look just a tiny bit skewed, also – I think this is an optical illusion, because of those curved shadow lines – they fool our eyes into not seeing straight, lol.

  6. Thank you each for your feedback on this photograph. That your associations match mine is heartening!

    Usha, what a poetic description of “simplicity” — adding nuance to the word I sometimes take to mean “simplistic”. 😉

    I did double-check the horizontals, and think Flo is right about it being an optical illusion. But I know what you mean, and your comment made me consider perhaps I shouldn’t have tried to square it up but rather presented as shot on a slight angle. That might be even more dynamic.

  7. “Window Blind”… is that an oxymoron? And why does this blind thing evoke an idea of film frames? And why is it that those sort of image-cells are for anyone but the blind? Could we have an “Amplifier Deaf”? A “Feeling Glove”? A “Scent Mask”?

    And if we did would #1 carry recording snippets? #2 seem about textural patches? And #3 a mixture of musk, flowers, and spring grass?

    I luvvit that you create a story arc and swing me right onto the thing April. It’s a wonderful talent….

  8. What a fun riff off this piece, Ted! My mind is swirling…

    Would that we could capture the experience of our senses through a photograph. But why not? I can imagine an exhibit akin to the experience created by Olafur Eliasson.

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