Sep 102011

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Looking up as I passed the entrance to a neighborhood alley… “Whoa! Never noticed that before.”  🙂

Panasonic DMC-FZ40; f8 @ 1/500 sec, ISO 80 (handheld);
Focal length: 108mm (600mm EFL)

  3 Responses to “Mesh”

  1. A warped and deformed skeleton of a bee hive? If you inverted the colors, this is what it would look like! Where the wire has been folded back on itself, it also reminds me of the structures of bubbles. Well seen.


  2. My first impression: respiration, breathing.

  3. After your suggestion, Flo, I tried an inversion. That is interesting, too!

    Pixelle, you’ve an unusual impression from this image. But I can relate, and like your take on it. It’s wonderful to see you here again; thank you.

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