Nov 232009

Color swatch dark brown Color swtch medium brown Color swatch light brown [¹]

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Reading the weather forecast last night I thought, “Oh goody, clouds! Maybe there will be a nice sunrise on the lakefront.”

This morning…nope. It was a flat, dull overcast with only tiny waves on the lake. Oh well. At least I showed up. 🙂

On to Plan B. Working with the same combination of lenses as yesterday—the 18-200mm VR zoom with a Canon 500D closeup filter—I discovered something new: getting as close to the subject as possible with the focal length set to wide angle both exaggerated the subject and enhanced depth. That’s similar to what the wide angle alone would do normally, but the closeup lens added a blur to the background while retaining a suggestion of detail. Cool!

The second image today is probably stronger, and it makes me smile so I couldn’t resist processing to share. The first, however, is interesting as a direction I’d like to explore further.

In both cases I added +2EV exposure compensation, letting the sky blow out in favor of the subject.

¹Colors of the day:

  • Dark brown R:100 G:73 B:51
  • Medium brown R:139 G:96 B:51
  • Light brown R:162 G:138 B:109