Feb 222010

A bedraggled white chrysanthemum.

{click image to view large}

Each time I passed by, this flower made me chuckle.

Color swatch darkColor swatch mediumColor swatch light

  • Dark gray-green R:127 G:122 B:110
  • Medium gray-green R:151 G:143 B:112
  • Light gray-green R:193 G:189 B:173

  2 Responses to “Bad Hair Day”

  1. This flower is in despair.
    She looks like a bird loosing its feathers.
    Maybe “she” just came out of bed…
    That could be a tired mop drying in the sun…
    Or a humiliated coq that has lost its comb…

    I enjoy the way you capture the funny side of things.

    April, when I will be ready to comment on the last 4 pictures, I’ll send you a word.

  2. April, I love this image for its humorous POV. Try turning it upside down – I think this would be funny, too.

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