Sep 042010

Alley buildings and sky reflected in water.

{click image to view large}

Walking the alleys after a rainstorm, it was a good day to focus on reflections.

A detail view:

Closeup of one section of the photograph.

Nikon D300; f/11.0 @ 1/125sec, ISO 640 (handheld);
18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 18mm (27mm EFL); focus distance 3.8m

  6 Responses to “Alley Reflection”

  1. Love the picture and its detail. Be back later tomorrow… to comment.

    Do you prefer I comment here or on TME when you edit a picture?

  2. Wherever you see it first, or whichever is most convenient for you, is fine!

    I don’t post all pictures to TME; this is only posted here.

  3. April, I see you’ve been finding puddles in which are some interesting reflections. I like that you’ve turned them upside down. Even tho the browns are dreary, as colors go, the subject matter is still interesting enough to keep my eyes inside the images, exploring.

    I guess you’ve had rain. we are dry as a bone here. We get clouds, but they just pass on over.

  4. Thank you, Flo, for taking the time to visit and comment!

    Lately, I’ve been trying to choose one element to focus on when I go out to photograph. Depending on the conditions it might be reflections after a rain, colors if overcast, light and shadow if it’s bright. Mostly an exercise, it sometimes results in an image to share. 🙂

  5. I really like the first one April. It is vivid, and makes you stop and look. Like the clarity and a bit of story telling in this image. I can imagine you coming across this and being stopped by its presence. Nicely done.

  6. Thanks, Usha. The second was only intended to display what the viewer might see in a large print — so difficult to show on the web! Too, I’m now lusting after a 27″ monitor for editing. 🙂

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