Nov 172010

Color reflections of autumn foliage in a lagoon.

{click image to view large}

Photographed in a local wetland nature preserve, where I’m still stalking the geese ;). I was fascinated by the way the reflection was breaking up into rectangles, which which reminded me of Gustav Klimt’s paintings.

Once again, on my main computer Firefox displays as over-saturated. Click on the image for a more accurate view. Strangely, it looks ok in the same browser on my laptop. Let me know how it appears for you…?

Lumix DMC-FZ40; f/5.6 @ 1/160sec, ISO 80 (handheld);
Focal length: 96.8mm (538mm EFL)

  2 Responses to “Autumn Lagoon”

  1. Funny. I didn’t read your text first, but the immediate and strong association was also “Klimt”. OK, I live in Vienna 🙂

  2. There’s another reflection I want to process, which has curving instead of rectilinear lines. It also reminds me of Klimt, and makes me wonder if reflections were one of his visual inspirations…

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