Nov 222010

Silhouette of a bare tree reflected in water with stretched bands of ripples.

{click image to view large}

The trees are bare and days are darkening, yet there’s still plenty to see!

Lumix DMC-FZ40; f/5.6 @ 1/125sec, ISO 80 (handheld);
Focal length: 42mm (236mm EFL)

  6 Responses to “Gomper’s Lagoon Reflection”

  1. What a fun image! It’s like lying on one’s back in the summertime and trying to find faces, etc, in the clouds! I see faces, bottles lying on their sides, pieces of bodies, clothes hanging in a closet – and so on! Absolutely fascinating.

    I’ll bet if this were flipped vertically, we’d see even more things!

  2. Thank you, Flo. It was fun to watch these reflections in the lagoon. Another tree still had some gold- orange leaves also stretched by those bands of ripples, and I may process that one as well for a “color” experience. But I like the way this draws me into its depths, and that may be due in part to this original orientation.

  3. You really have captured the sleletal essence of the shape of the tree, a symbol in itself, but with a twist. The tree outline looks austere, black against grey-white, yet dynamic because of the rippled water and the oblique angle of the reflection. It’s also sharp and clear. Really well done. You should follow through with the poetic motif and call it “leaves have fallen” just like in your description on TME. But I also like your”days are darkening” as a motif.” There is so much to be interpreted in this image!

  4. Thanks, John!

    I like your titles, but am experimenting with another approach—trying not to impose a concept, and instead let the viewer (hopefully) have their own experience with the image.

    I wonder if pedestrian titles diminish the photograph. On the other hand, one can also fall into pretentious or sentimental. The best solution might be “Untitled №x”, but that’s always seemed to me a little lazy or as if the photographer doesn’t know why they made the image.

    Other people’s thoughts on this?

  5. Or you spend countless hour finding a song after which to call your image 😀

    Love it. As for titles, well, I think the best are somehow surreal, i.e. concrete and unrelated. They force the viewer to think about it, even if there’s no deeper connection, and that gives them the little bit more exposure, that may make the difference between forgetting and remembering. Unfortunately those titles are also the hardest to come up with 🙂

  6. Gomper

    “By the lake with lily flowers
    While away the evening hours
    To and fro she’s gently gliding
    On the glassy lake she’s riding

    She swims to the side
    The sun sees her dried
    The birds hover high
    I’d stifle a cry

    The birds hover high
    She moans with a sigh


    Lyrics from the Rolling Stones “Their Satanic Majesties’ Request”. The Beatles were too pop. 01/02/67 had me figuring out lyrics more obscure than those the Beatles had presented the summer before.

    They weren’t obscure, really. They were just stupid. I was a kid and confused “stupid” with “deep.” It happened again, multiple times.

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