Dec 092010

Version 2
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A crabapple tree laden with fruit after a snowfall on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Version 1
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Nikon D300; f4.0 @ 1/125sec, ISO 1100 (handheld);
18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 27mm (40mm EFL); subject distance 10.59m

The other day…I learned something about not over-processing an image.

Version 2 above is much closer to the original capture, and to what drew me to make the photograph that morning—in the dark and cold, with wind blowing snow into the lens.

At least I have knowledge about how to expand dynamic range, heighten contrast, and change  brightness that I can now throw out the window. 😉

  5 Responses to “First Snow—Montrose Harbor, Chicago (revisited)”

  1. Hi April,

    I prefer the second version probably because it is nearer of what I see and like here in Quebec. Also the cyan sky emphasizes the red leaves (?) of the tree.

    The first thing I noticed and loved in this picture is the placement of the horizon line. It gave the tree its amplitude or its imposing stylishness.

    Did you notice that the tree takes more space in the first version? That was very pleasing. The second version is more evocative. I do not know anymore which version I prefer.

    Did you shoot with a tripod and why did you not use your Lumix?

  2. If no one posts for the Member Challenges tomorrow, I’ll be back to comment on the second tree on First Snow.

    Good night.

  3. Comment (revisited)

    I think I prefer the first version. In the second version, the tree is within the landscape -part of. In the first version, the tree is the landscape -subject of the picture. The tree has more presence and shows more elegance and strength.

  4. Thank you very much for your comments and questions, Micheline.

    The red is from crab apples still on the trees. I was surprised to see them in such abundance!

    Version 1 was cropped to match the other tree (Montrose Point), because I envisioned hanging them as a pair—cool and warm. However, my husband felt a need for more of the surroundings to emphasize the sense of isolation, and that is closer to my experience.

    This was photographed hand held. Given the weather, I wasn’t inclined to set up a tripod. 😉

    I used the Nikon because it has better in-camera noise reduction in low light, and I could protect it against the snow by using an OpTech rain sleeve.

  5. April,

    Thank you to have answered my questions. Thanks also to have mentioned OpTech rain sleeve.

    ” …my husband felt a need for more of the surroundings to emphasize the sense of isolation, and that is closer to my experience. ”
    He is right. That is what I felt at first glance. If it is closer to your experience, you did the good thing revisiting the first version. – Anyway I like both versions for different reasons.

    I comment on the “snow” tree: see First Snow.

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