Apr 072011

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Returning home one afternoon, this pattern of light and shadow on our front steps caught my eye. The hues actually shifted from warm to cool in the scene.

Nikon D300; f11 @ 1/125sec, ISO 200 (handheld);
50mm f/1.8 (75mm EFL); focus distance 2m


  4 Responses to “Tread Carefully”

  1. Cracking shot April! All those lines and the light dark thing going on I REALLY like.

  2. Thank you, Stephen!

  3. April, this abstract requires of me some stretching of my imagination to see what the subject actually is. Shadows have a way of disguising things, and you’ve played upon this very well.

    Hugs, Flo

  4. Some people say the subject in an abstract image should not be recognizable. I personally enjoy images which at first appear to be abstractions but on closer examination reveal the underlying “reality”. That’s my reward for viewing carefully!

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