Jun 282013

686.. ©2013 by April Siegfried

This image was photographed recently while attending the Miksang Level 1 workshop in Boulder, Colorado. It was discovered in a back alley during the “texture” assignment.

I first took Level 1 three years ago, and have since completed Levels 2-4. It was interesting to notice that I felt more free in tackling the assignments this time around—less confined by trying to figure out the “rules”.  There’s really only one criteria in this practice: Was it a fresh perception, and did you express it clearly? Ok, that’s two. 🙂

Nikon D300; 1/250 sec @ f11, ISO 200 (handheld);
18-200 mm f/3.5–5.6 @ 44mm (66mm EFL); focus distance .5m

  2 Responses to “686..”

  1. Wonderful, April. I have planned to attend one more Miksang workshop next year. Slowly my free time comes back and allows for such a thing. I think going back again is a very important and good thing. The freedom definitely comes easier along…


  2. Would you be coming to the U.S., perhaps for the Summer Institute?! What a wonderful thing it would be if we could meet in person. I have enjoyed your images so very much over the years, and am deeply grateful you pointed me in the direction of Miksang.

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