Dec 082009

Color swatch red Color swatch white Color swatch gray [¹]

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Just the other day…it snowed! Our first of the season. With no wind, early morning was a fairyland.

These crabapple trees immediately caught my eye in a nearby park, where I happily spent 1½ hours taking photographs just after sunrise.

I’m learning to work with my gear in cold weather, to stay comfortable but also have the freedom to move:

  • Stow pack in the trunk of the car, but choose only 1 lens for the camera to carry along with the tripod. Stash cable release somewhere handy.
  • Handwarmers activated in outside pockets, but wear only silk gloves.
  • Inside pockets hold an extra battery and memory card, along with the closeup lens and/or polarizer, car keys, cell phone, memo pad, pencil, and business cards.
  • Water bottle stays in car; but maybe next time I’ll take a thermos of hot tea instead. 🙂

¹Colors of the day:

  • Red R:150 G:27 B:24
  • White R:124 G:216 B:218
  • Gray R:107 G:98 B:97

  7 Responses to “Winter Cheer”

  1. This is the type of snowfall I love. A winter wonderland. I love your two images for today. Red berries peeking out from a blanket of pristine snow always make a striking image.

    I’ve missed your daily postings, so I’m glad you put these images up. But I’ll bet you’ve been enjoying the lack of self-imposed pressure to perform daily.

  2. Thank you, Flo.

    I do miss the focus of posting daily, but… There are also some things I need to catch up on in “real life.” Like the upcoming holidays. 🙂

    Photography is very serious, for me, but trying to find that balance is a good thing — I think.

    Or maybe not? Perhaps better to go “Hell bent for leather!”

  3. Winter Cheer Today @ 12:11am
    My favorite is the first one.

    I like the almost abstract background with its so subtle pattern and colors. In itself this background is a winter landscape. White, grey and black with just hints of color (red, here) are the essence of winter.

    The bokey outlines the 3-dimensions branch and cranberries, and their judicious placement.

    In brief, with a great simplicity you capture the essence of winter and its fresh white fragrance.

    Written on TME yesterday, I think

  4. I wanted to copy the comment I did on TME about this picture, but your server refuses copies.

  5. Pixelle, thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on both sites.

    That is a social conundrum I haven’t yet figured out how to handle!

    As for the server refusing to copy, I’ll run a test to see what that issue might be, and appreciate your “head’s up” (warning message).

  6. “That is a social conundrum I haven’t yet figured out how to handle!”

    For you, I think the best is to post to multiple threads so more people can see your work.

  7. I wanted to copy the comment I did on TME about this picture, but your server refuses copies.

    I seem to be able to copy and paste text from other windows into this reply box. Could you tell me a bit more about what you were doing and the error message received?

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