May 092010

Detail of an ivy tree panorama.

{click images to view full panoramas}

The image above is detail from a 7-frame panorama photographed in a very old cemetery. (See also a large view on black .)  Tripods are not allowed, so it was shot hand-held in portrait mode with a lot of overlap and wriggle room around the subject. To help reduce distortion, rather than panning I took several steps parallel to the wall between each frame.

Detail of an ivy tree panorama.

Further along was a completely different ivy tree. The image left is detail from a 5-frame panorama, photographed the same way. (Click image to view the full panorama or see also large on black.)

The light was high and hard that day so, inspired by Mark Johnson’s recent Photoshop Workbench: Salvaging Detail, I began processing with a foray into the Shadows/Highlights adjustment. It’s the first time I’ve used that feature, and am intrigued by what it can do!



Gray color swatch.Medium green color swatch.Light green color swatch.

  • Gray R:102 G:104 B:89
  • Medium green R:90 G:149 B:41
  • Light green R:162 G:211 B:84

  6 Responses to “Frieze”

  1. Cracking shot April.

    Simple and elegant.

    I haven’t check reader for a few day’s, then this comes along. Very pleased I didn’t miss it.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. I know you were traveling, so appreciate your taking the time to check in and comment.

  3. April, as usual, your outdoor images are just as simple and elegant as all the stills you shot during the winter months.

    This is the way I shoot all my panorama images, as I no longer wish to burden myself with a tripod. Photoshop’s image merge panorama feature is so good that we can get away with doing this hand-held.

    Your images have inspired me to get out and shoot, even tho it’s still quite chilly.

  4. Shooting vines in a sing song way is extremely difficult. Many try but produce OK images. Yours are images to learn from. Nice.

  5. By the way, when I look again, I like the forst image better. I like the proportions of it. I might even consider simplifying it …no grass no side wall, no top wall…just the undulation vines singing their song

  6. Flo and Usha, thanks very much for your comments.

    Usha, exploring variations I’ll definitely try some crops as you suggest. I can see getting rid of the grass, in particular…

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