Jul 262010

Clothing reflected in a bathroom mirror.

{click image to view large}

Passing by, this caught my eye: color and light!

After the fact, I like the image for its feeling of intimacy.

Green color swatch.Red color swatch.Orange color swatch.Warm gray color swatch.

  • Green R:115 G:138 B:61
  • Red R:202 G:87 B:58
  • Orange R:212 G:104 B:103
  • Warm gray R:175 G:163 B:147

  2 Responses to “Laundry Day №1 (originally “Untitled”)”

  1. I like it a lot Except the knob on the right but can live with it

  2. April, I lke this image for this feeling of intimacy. Maybe it is a feminine feeling. I like your picture for its asymmetrical composition and its warm light. For the reflection and the uneven precise and blurry parts of the picture. I like this picture about a moment of wonder.

    I do not comment a lot because I am in France since one month and we are very busy visiting friends and places we had loved so much. We will not be back before september. Have a nice summer ans take care.

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