May 092011

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Nikon D300; f9.5 @ 1/180 sec, ISO 2000 (handheld);
18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 112mm (168mm EFL); focus distance 1.12m


  2 Responses to “Blue Beads”

  1. Seems like I was here only a week ago, but no. I see by all the work you’ve got up it must be a lot longer!

    This is a real stand out for me April, the black and white background all symmetrical, then the contrasting beads in colour far from symmetrical. Beautiful. And very well thought out.

  2. Thank you, Stephen!

    This actually popped up from below into my field of view while walking home from a local farmer’s market. The blue was so intense… Their curves were in such contrast to the background, it was fun to see that interplay.

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