May 072011

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Nikon D300; f5.6 @ 1/350 sec, ISO 200 (handheld);
18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 150mm (225mm EFL); focus distance 14.96m

  3 Responses to “Engine Company 102”

  1. April,
    I love your graphical pictures, and this one is a strong one. Very expressive with simple means: two primary colors (red, yellow) with black and white and light gray; repeated straight black lines, not to mention the diagonal one that reinforces those; the rectangular shapes (large and narrow) that divide the space, all those elements or components evoke the industrial design of our modern towns.
    Plus, there is no depth of field in this picture, but superposing or stacking components (well done and balanced though). It recalls me life in the modern city.
    At last, I was shocked by those harsh lines. At first sight, for me, it rhymes with “KEEP OUT,” “no entrance,” “forbidden”… those iron fences.
    As you see, my reaction was a hard one. I was overawed.
    To a certain extent, this picture links to the “Corner Convenience Store”.
    Do I have to say that I enjoy your Streets Scenes ?

  2. Hi April,
    I really like the abstract graphic quality of this image…well seen. I offer you a different cropping suggestion to make this even more abstract and graphic. Crop the image to a square taking out most of the right side of the image. The 3 yellow squares will then play off the 3 windows in the background and the black diagonal line will point right to them…just a optional cropping to a already great image.

  3. Micheline, that stacking of elements without depth occurred suddenly while noticing the bright colors behind. The fence came forward into the scene, and was a bit of a shock to me too! It’s interesting that you have the same reaction on viewing.

    So much of our urban environment is barred or gated…

    Sam, with such a geometric composition I’m surprised I didn’t think of testing a square presentation! I appreciate your suggestion, and will play with it.

    Thank you both very much for visiting and for your comments.

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