May 222010

A spray of white crabapples blossoms in the shape of an "s".

{click image to view large}

This image was photographed May 1st. I’m having too much fun shooting, and am behind on processing!

Actually, I feel the need to process as much as shoot because each informs the other. Processing shows up weaknesses (or strengths) in a composition that I didn’t necessarily see in the field, and can watch for next time.

Public feedback helps, too.  🙂

Dark green color swatch.Medium green color swatch.Light green color swatch.Yellow color swatch.

  • Dark green R:78 G:108 B:41
  • Medium green R:112 G:141 B:96
  • Light green R:156 G:175 B:148
  • Yellow R:191 G:166 B:76

  2 Responses to ““S” is for Spring”

  1. “S” for Spring and “S” for shape. And for So good capture.
    You saw this “S” “bouquet” shape while capturing? I am almost sure.

    I like this floating “bouquet” on this wonderful bokeh in the background. Like the lightness in this picture.* It’s spring, it’s birth, it’s joy, it’s life.! Love the tenderness of the so smooth colors. An aerial.. and spiritual picture. Another “S”.

    Thanks , April. You made my day.

    * Lightness = light and (no) weight .

  2. Thank you for your comments, Micheline, and for your nudge into a continuing investigation of “lightness”. It’s a concept that I enjoy having percolate in the back of my mind.

    In this case I did see the s-shape during capture, but processing was definitely required to help bring that out.

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